On the Journal

Jewellery in the making with The Line of Sun
Dripping with uniqueness, inspired by patterns and textures in nature and made with the ancient technique of lost wax casting. We take five with Alice, owner and maker of The Line of Sun jewellery brand. Ethically made in Melbourne, from 100% recycled metals. 
Elevating your time in nature with chef Sarah Glover
Hot coals, the smell of a searing outdoor fire and roaring ocean in the background… We celebrate the wonder of cooking in nature with Sarah Glover.
ALL THE HONEY BEES ~ Here’s a simple, easy and effective action that we can all take for our planet.

This humble chat with Hayley, owner of Settler Hives, had us all yearning for some quaint gardening and to plant our feet on deep lush grass, while sipping a chamomile tea with local honey. Join us as we talk with this incredible beekeeping duo about how you can make a difference simply by planting sting seeds. 

Poetic times with Tess Guinery from Apricot Memoirs ⋒ & The Moonflower Monologues

⋒ Join us as we chat with Tess Guinery ⋒ A poet, a romantic writer of life experiences, a mum of three including twins and the artist and creator of The Apricot Memoirs and The Moonflower Monologues. 

A continued journey in Tanzania with Pheonix Wild ~ Part two
We continue our incredible conversation with Pheonix Wild as she speaks openly about topics she finds difficult to bring up on her social platforms, her home births and travelling with young children. 
Travel journal with Pheonix Wild in Tanzania ~ Part One
This striking conversation with Pheonix Wild is powerful and thought provoking, as we delve into home schooling, travelling with three children, home birthing and more. A divine soul, Pheonix’s honesty and humour is refreshing and uplifting. 
Living & painting in love with our planet ~ with New York based Artist Carolina-Arevalo
Join us as we talk with the amazingly talented New York based artist Caro all about her creative journey, life and sustainable art.
At home with actress Teresa Palmer welcoming her new baby Prairie to the world

Join us as we chat with actress Teresa Palmer, celebrating and welcoming her new baby into the world. 

A moment with Avneet the owner of our making facility 

Join us as we share this empowering conversation with the talented and inspiring owner of our making facility in India, Avneet. One thing is for sure, we are so proud and grateful to be partnered with such leaders and a philanthropic team in the fashion world.

Life in Bali with Sabrina Dessi

This chat with magical content creator, travel diary extraordinaire Sabrina Dessi from @sbri_diaries is a sweet and lovely reflection of her time currently spent in Bali and prior to that being the Ice Cream making superstar. We find out what led her to Bali and her passions in life as she explores the island and captures pretty little vintage moments…